Welcome To
Casa Verde

As a Waldorf Inspired School, we holistically
integrate the future intellectual of the child
focusing on sensory integration, such as eye
tracking skills and trans lateral coordination
building a strong a foundation for later reading
and writing by intentionally avoiding memorization
and reading drills.

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Our Curriculum

Custom Food

Our food program strives to provide the best in natural organic foods and involves the children in the food preparation, including making yogurt, bake bread, chop veggies for our diary meals. We serve in courses, which means a lot of waiting and that is good for the children to experience waiting and taking outcome around the food. The older children are a great example to the younger children and they love helping and showing off good table manners.

Domestic Arts

Children find joy in the practical and meaningful activities of daily life, laying a foundation for future academic skills, initiative and purpose. Encouraging to work their fine motor skills with practical life. Children participate taking care and cultivating our garden, washing their own dishes, setting the table and helping with other school chores.

Creative Arts

Imaginative play is enriched by story telling, puppet shows, artistic activities, crafts, dancing, music and singing, on a daily basis. Basic skills for gymnastics/Cirque encouraging the large motor skills.

Foreign Language

We speak a native language of Spanish on a regular basis to play simple games or sing simple songs with the children.


Honoring the seasons and traditional festivals of the year and the birthdays of each of the children and caregivers.


Gymnastics and Circus classes are included!