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A school that holistically integrates the intellectual with child active self-education and focusing on sensory integration, eye-hand coordination, social skills, this build foundations for later emotional and physical.

Abundant creative play allows the children to fully engage in their imagination learning how to think not what to think. Imagination is a natural and healthy interest at early childhood. This includes with physical environment furnishing and natural/organic play materials.

A place that challenges them to imagine new ideas, solve problems in new ways and see the world in a new light.

There are nearly 1,000 Waldorf schools in 60 countries worldwide. The first Waldorf school opening over a hundred years ago, we are guided by the vast work of Rudolf Steiner and the evolution of Waldorf curriculum world wide.

As a Waldorf Inspired School, we holistically integrate the future intellectual of the child focusing on sensory integration, such as eye tracking skills and trans lateral coordination building a strong a foundation for later reading and writing by intentionally avoiding memorization and reading drills.

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In Summer 2014, Casa Verde opened doors to the first students. It started when an Early Childhood Educator believed in teaching foreign language to preschoolers would benefit them immensely. This believes was formed from her own experience from learning a second language herself and racing bilingual children of her own:

The encounter with other languages should not only serve to extend the individual’s horizon in a formal manner. It should also enrich and diversify his inner life, nurturing his very soul. It was vital, so Steiner maintained, to introduce languages other than one’s own as a means of counteracting whatever one-sided influences any particular language exerted on the developing child. By getting to name and recognize the objects in the world around him in a new way through the medium of a foreign language, every child would be given the opportunity to break free from the confines of his mother tongue. Education of this kind would prevent children from growing up into narrow-minded, nationalistically prejudiced adults. Instead of encouraging attitudes that ultimately separate people and nations from one another, tolerance and mutual understanding between nations should be consciously cultivated.” According to Rudolf Steiner, fonder of the first Waldorf Scholl in Stuttgart, Germany in 1919. All the students from class 1 and up were taught two foreign languages.